Evening Reading: What Are You Playing?

By Brian Leahy, Apr 02, 2010 5:00pm PDT It's Friday! What are you guys playing this weekend? First, you should be listening to Episode 2 of Weekend Confirmed. Then, play what you will!

Personally, I'll be playing more StarCraft II beta, of course. After that, I think some Just Cause 2 is in order followed by some more Super Street Fighter IV!

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  • shack, i have a steam problem. i recently got around to installing empire: total war (what? did another one come out last month... heh) and it's tied to steam. apparently on the 31st of march, there was an update to this game. now steam won't let me play it until the update is downloaded and installed -- however, i currently live in a far away, backwards part of the world where my internet connection is very poor. steam says that it will take many days to download this update, but steam fails to factor in that my connection is getting cut off periodically and the download isn't making it past 10% -- so according to my calculations, this download won't complete until the local infrastructure is upgraded in two thousand never. i did find a checkbox to disable automatic updates, but only after this game decided to update. checking that box now does stop the update, but when i try to launch the game it seems like steam gets caught in a loop and the game says "download stopping..." but doesn't actually launch. ever.

    how can i play this game?

    if i reinstall, will i be able to disable updates before steam starts trying to update it?