Evening Reading: Rights Management Training

Ubisoft fired the latest salvo in the war on piracy today with the announcement of its new digital rights management system that requires an always on Internet connection. While they downplayed this requirement saying that most people are connected all the time anyway, it has broad ramifications of which I'm sure they're aware. Sure, for a fixed desktop machine it might be relatively safe to say a lot of people have a dedicated connection but most? Broadband penetration continues to improve but a large number of users still connect by dialup -- users who are hard to count because while they obviously wouldn't be playing online multiplayer games on that connection they could perfectly well enjoy single-player games.

Then there's the case of gaming on the go with laptops. One of the cases made for the continuing strength of PC gaming is its massive installed base. Laptops make up a substantial part of that and as someone who's traveled for work I can say being able to pop on a game wherever I happened to be was definitely part of the appeal. Sure, you can buy mobile hotspot access at the airport and hotel, and in-flight Internet access is becoming more common but this requirement makes those connections mandatory for playing my game.

On the other hand, for the core PC gamer with a good gaming rig setup this system sounds pretty tolerable on paper. It doesn't run resource hogging services and enables running the game without a disk in the drive. Even with these benefits it shows how damaging the impact of piracy has grown to be on Ubisoft's PC business that they would put in place such a potentially controversial solution. Sounds like it's time to revisit the subject with some PC developers to get their refreshed take on the subject.

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