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By Nick Breckon, Oct 08, 2009 6:00pm PDT You guys crack me up.


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  • Network men:

    I may have to ask during daytime unless some of you are experts, but may as well give it a shot.

    I'm currently on an island in the pacific that gets its high speed Internet via radio antenna beamed from the mainland. The whole island uses a variety of equipment, including atheros stuff mixed with StarOS v3. Its a big radio system that uses some sort of wireless protocol. I don't really know the specifics beyond that.

    What I can tell you is that each "station" (the house I'm at being one) has an antenna that sort of looks like a satellite dish but also sends info, and a box mounted outside containing 2 wireless cards and an outgoing ethernet connection. One of the wireless cards is used by StarOS to deal with the radio stuff, the other is basically an enterprise quality wireless router minus modern router features like decent WPA encrption or easy to use port forwarding, etc. There is also a place to plug in a hardwired ethernet cable.

    You can SSH into StarOS to configure everything, and it shows two wireless cards and an ethernet connection.

    What I want to do is run the ethernet connection into the house, and plug in a store bought router on the end of that, and disable the wireless AP on the main board that is just broadcasting without any security on it. I've done that so far, and I get an IP on the router inside (except of course it is a 192.168... ip because the whole system is closed)

    My problem is this: if i plug a regular computer network card into the ethernet line going into the house, everything works great, it can see the outside world, i can browse websites, etc. When i plug the router in, it gets an IP, but any computer that then connects to that router is basically barred from outside connection. I dont know how to make it so that they are all operating on the same network.