id Software: User-created Content 'Not a Huge Consideration' for Rage

Amidst an industry-wide focus on user-created content in gaming, id Software lead designer Matt Hooper stated that the company's upcoming open world shooter Rage will focus on visual and gameplay fidelity over community and content-sharing services.

"As a game player, I love [user-created content]," Hooper told Next-Gen. "But that doesn't mean at the same time I can't love a BioShock or a Call of Duty 4. You can have a focused game, and do that really well."

Hooper added that games centered around user-generated content such as modifications or maps represents a different focus, likening it to a different movie genre, while reiterating that the "important thing [is] doing something really well."

"For us personally, our biggest goal is—you can see it right now—we're pushing on the fidelity, visually. We're also pushing on the gameplay fidelity... As far as user-generated content, it's not a huge consideration for us right now."

When asked whether Rage would see built-in community sharing features similar to EA Maxis' Spore and Media Molecule's LittleBigPlanet, Hooper said that the company has given such features some consideration.

"Yeah, we thought about all of that, but I can't say we've specifically implemented it right now. Again, we're concentrating more on just making a great game with [id Tech 5]. But those conversations happen all the time."

In development for PC, Mac, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Rage is expected to launch sometime in 2009.