Evening Reading

Just when I think messing around with computer hardware is starting to get easy enough

where I would feel comfortable suggesting a non-geeky friend give it a try I run in to

some insane nonsense dealing with bios updates and all that other crap. While I am

comfortable still doing that kind of thing it still baffles me that a company can expect

all of their customers to be. I suppose that is why those Geek Squad things make so much

money though. Sigh.

As for the the videogame news around these parts for today:

Lastly, given that our server didnt blow up last night with all of those stats we linked

yesterday, I suppose we can almost feel comfortable starting to integrate that stuff

further. One would hope there are a zillion uses for this kind of thing. From as simple as

customizing your news feeds to even suggesting what type of games you would like ala

Netflix style. One thing is for sure though, I sure know how to make a website ugly!


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