Morning Discussion

By Jeff "geedeck" Gondek, Dec 10, 2007 11:00pm PST So it looks like the first Halo 3 map pack is impending. Both the Chris' chimed in with their impressions here. I'm curious to see how players react to it, as on one hand new content is great, but do you want to pony up another $10 to keep playing with your friends? I for one wonder if we'll start seeing the collector's editions and such start coming with pre-paid vouchers for the downloadable content.

So White Elephant season seems to be in full effect. There's a boggling array of holiday spirit to be found in the informative comments, and it's only occasionally scary, so give it a look if you haven't already.

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  • Team Fortress 2 News!

    So a week ago I sent an email to Valve about TF2 with some questions about the "Meet the Classes" videos, since I've read they respond to fan emails and what not. I didn't get any response for a week so I figured it was lost amongst the other emails they get, however, I just got a response.

    My questions were specifically about what software they used to create those videos (I assumed Maya or XSI) and sure enough, thats what they use! HOWEVER! They use another tool that he says they plan on releasing (no date set). Here is his reply:

    "Sorry for the late reply. Glad to hear you're enjoying TF2. We use a mix of XSI, Maya, and an internal proprietary tool to animate the Meet the X shorts. The content we're using is almost all the same content as the game itself. We're planning on releasing the exact system & tools behind the shorts, as an addition to the SDK. I'm not sure when that'll happen, though, sorry.

    Fantastic! At some point in the future we might be able to create our own TF2 videos! (without using demos and FRAPS, haha)