Ninja's Monthly Earnings Top $500,000 Streaming Fortnite on Twitch

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is having a pretty great month. The Twitch streamer has been catapulted to the top of the live streaming platform on the back of his excellent Fornite streams and star-studded live stream featuring Drake. Fortnite Mania is here and CNBC sat down to talk with Ninja about his newfound success.

"I think that I offer a combination of high-tier game play that they really can't get with a lot of other content creators. It's very difficult to be one of the very best at a video game," Blevins said. Ninja went on to highlight the importance of Twitch in present day gaming culture. 

CNBC asked Ninja what he thought was the driving force of the current Fornite Mania. "The fact that it is free to play is super huge, and it's already across all the [major] platforms," Ninja said. "Just accessibility and how friendly the game is, they are just hitting every single mark perfectly."

It is great to see a gamer like Ninja who is talented, hard-working and fun to watch be rewarded. Fortnite continues to draw massive amounts of coverage and attention. Fortnite mobile just launched, and Ninja even mentioned rumors of a version for Nintendo Switch being in the works. Keep it locked on Shacknews for all the Fortnite news and guides.

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