Google May Enter Gaming Market with 'Yeti' Streaming Service

Google has long been rumored to get more serious about the games industry. A report by The Information says that Google could very well be working on a streaming service for gaming. The streaming service project is apparently codenamed "Yeti" which makes a lot of sense since Google's interests in gaming have been talked about but have yet to materialize. "Yeti" will focus on providing Google Chromecast users a way to stream games directly to their TVs. We have seen this attempted by the likes of OnLive and NVIDIA Grid in the past, and it remains to be seen if anyone can provide a quality gaming experience powered by the cloud.

Google hired Phil Harrison, formerly of PlayStation and Xbox, last month which definitely adds some credibility to the claims that Google is going to take the multi-billion dollar games industry more seriously. We aren't holding our breath at Shacknews as many stories of Google entering the industry have ended up disappearing like a chat app in the night.

Shadow, a company that we met with at CES 2018, may have a better service already in place and could be a potential acquisition target for Google if they really want to take the games industry seriously. Check out this interview with Shadow.

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