Arms 5.0 Introduces Dr. Coyle

Remember earlier this week when Nintendo said that Arms had one more update lined up for 2017? Well, that update is now available and that mystery character has been revealed.

Meet Dr. Coyle, creator of the Party Crash program! She shows up as the newest boss character in the Grand Prix mode when played at LV6 or higher. She'll come equipped with the Lokjaw, Parabola, and Brrchuk Arms. She'll also gain brief invisibility after a succssful guard, along with the ability to attack, dash, and block while levitating.

She'll be waiting in the [NAME REDACTED] stage. (As the Arms website notes, that is the actual name of the stage.) Here, players will have to watch out for the conveyor belts that are lugging giant heavy tubes around, which can get in the way of a fighter's punches.

Check out Dr. Coyle in action in the video below. Arms 5.0 is now ready to download. For the full patch notes, visit the Nintendo Support site.

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