Arms Teases One Last Update for 2017

Nintendo has been maintaining a steady pace of updates for its pugilistic fighter Arms. And while it'd be perfectly understandable for the publisher to simply pack it in for the rest of 2017, that doesn't appear to be the plan. There is currently one last update in the works for this year.

The Arms Japan Grand Prix took place over the weekend and the event concluded with a new teaser for the Arms 5.0 update. This includes a new fighter, whose identity has not yet been revealed. But the only hints for what's coming is that it appears to be a green-haired female that can teleport around the stage. Speaking of stages, a new one has also been teased. This arena looks to be set inside a factory, filled with conveyor belts and test tubes shaped like heavy bags.

That's all the information there is to go on for now, but look for additional information to come soon, since Arms 5.0 is set to go live before the end of the year.

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