Letter From the Editor: This is Shacknews


Shacknews and Quake have an intertwined history dating back to our site's launch in 1996. Today Shacknews has unveiled a brand new premium content initiative for Mercury subscribers. It seems only fitting that our first new piece of premium content would be Rocket Jump: Quake and the Golden Age of First-Person Shooters. This mega feature is 130,000 words about the Quake franchise, id Software, and its impact across the FPS genre. We rebooted our Mercury subscription model a little over two years ago, and at the time it provided Shackers with an advertisement-free Shacknews experience for only $5/month. Today, we are creating more value for our Mercury subscribers and we are just getting started.

We believe that programmatic online advertising is not going to be a sturdy pillar for our Shacknews business to depend on. Premium content, new features, and a brand new website experience are all areas that we will focus on in the upcoming year. 2018 will be a huge year for Shacknews, but today is a big moment. We acknowledge that Mercury subscribers should get more bang for their buck and look forward to releasing more long-form content like Rocket Jump and our Doom Select to provide an increased value. 

Not many websites are willing to spend the time and effort to create long-form content like Rocket Jump and I want to thank all of the folks who participated in the creation of the mega feature. I also want to thank our Shacknews Chatty community for supporting us during the past few years, and I look forward to showing everyone our vision of the future of the Shack. 

Most importantly, I want to give special recognition to David Craddock for the job he did creating Rocket Jump. He certainly showed everyone how to do it for Shacknews!

This is Shacknews and this is just the beginning.

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