Bungie Unfixes The Fixed Destiny 2 XP Scaling With A Faux Fix

There are some practices that thrive in a really grey area when it comes to being profitable for the business but concerning for the consumer and Bungie quietly, and then loudly, engaged in a questionable method for extending the grind for Bright Engrams in Destiny 2. After players noticed XP scaling that essentially slowed your grind, Bungie acknowledged it and said a fix was incoming. Then, they slowed things down for everyone.

Unless you've been under a rock, you may have noticed a bubbling conversation about microtransactions, loot crates, and other elements that are muddying the relationship between devs, publishers, and consumers. EA is the most recent high-profile culprit with the egregious, gameplay influencing loot crates in Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and Bungie found themselves under the spotlight. Destiny 2 is a connected shooter with a progression system largely modeled after MMORPGs, albeit in a more condensed form.

ArsTechnica has the full breakdown, but essentially there's a plethora of content players can engage in to gain XP. The amount is supposed to be fixed, but fans started noticing they were getting less than they were supposed to as they repeated in-game missions. A user gathered enough data confirming the suspicion that Destiny 2 was hiding the decreased XP gain and posted to Reddit, which pushed Bungie to respond. The developers confirmed his findings and said there would be a change. 

That patch removed the XP-scaling the Reddit user has discovered, but Bungie doubled the amount of XP needed. You can alternatively spend real money on those Bright Engrams, by the way. At the time this was written, Bungie hasn't spoken on this new change but we will update as more information is made available. Bungie plans to do a Twitch stream today addressing endgame issues, so maybe they'll address the latest patch as well.

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