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Smash Bros gets Kid Icarus' Palutena character

By Steve Watts, Jun 10, 2014 9:47am PDT

Today's Nintendo digital event at E3 closed with a teaser for at least one more character in Smash Bros. Kid Icarus' goddess Palutena has joined the fray, and the trailer ended with another teaser implying that Dark Pit might be playable as well.


Hyrule Warriors releasing September 26th

By Robert Workman, Jun 10, 2014 9:38am PDT

Link will be battling hundreds this September.


Mario Maker announced for Wii U

By Steve Watts, Jun 10, 2014 9:35am PDT

Nintendo announced Mario Maker at its E3 2014 digital event, and showed a trailer in which a player edited stages at will.


"I was wishing they would also have Super Mario World style levels and graphics that you could ..."

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Bayonetta 2 to come with first game

By Steve Watts, Jun 10, 2014 9:31am PDT

Bayonetta 2 on Wii U will include the first Bayonetta game as well.


"Yes, same with Itagaki's The Devil's Third. That one would've also just died out after the THQ ..."

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Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker announced

By Steve Watts, Jun 10, 2014 9:22am PDT

The Captain Toad mini-game from Super Mario 3D World is getting a standalone release. Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker is set to release this holiday for Wii U.


"BATTLETOADS noob jk i think warios woods was a puzzle game with toad as the main character. ..."

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Super Smash Bros. uses Mii fighters, figurines

By Robert Workman, Jun 10, 2014 9:12am PDT

Super Smash Bros. will come with NFC support and the ability to create your own fighters.


New releases for June 9-15

By Ozzie Mejia, Jun 08, 2014 8:00am PDT

Hey, did you know E3 is this week?


Rumor: Nintendo set to reveal 'Mario Maker' at E3

By Robert Workman, Jun 06, 2014 8:45am PDT

One of Nintendo's big E3 surprises may have just been revealed.


Shovel Knight digs a path to June release

By Steve Watts, Jun 06, 2014 7:15am PDT

After a longer-than-expected delay, Shovel Knight has finally set a new date: June 26.


"GAAAH. I'm so excited for this. It's like Mega Man 2 and Duck Tales on NES had a babby."

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SteamWorld Dig coming to Wii U

By Ozzie Mejia, Jun 05, 2014 6:00pm PDT

It's been a hit on 3DS and PC and now SteamWorld Dig is setting its sights on Wii U.


Wii Sports Club getting retail release on July 25th

By Robert Workman, Jun 05, 2014 1:30pm PDT

Wii Sports Club is moving from a digital release into retail stores soon.


"I tried out the Tennis when it was free for a weekend, it was really fun to play multiplayer ..."

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Watch Dogs: A second look

By Ozzie Mejia, Jun 04, 2014 2:00pm PDT

With over a week to reflect on the game, reviewer Robert Workman looks back at Watch Dogs to answer some review follow-up questions from Shack EIC Steven Wong.


"Ditto, I think there only been one race that I haven't come in first and that was while I was ..."

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Mario Kart 8: Our favorite replay videos (so far)

By Steve Watts, Jun 04, 2014 1:30pm PDT

We take a look at some of our favorite Mario Kart 8 replay videos, from Luigi's infamous death stare to some of the cheapest Red Shell shenanigans we've ever seen.


"Thanks! I've corrected the story. Hopefully this gives a little bump to the tourney so we have ..."

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Costume Quest 2 coming to new platforms, first screens released

By Steve Watts, Jun 04, 2014 8:00am PDT

Double Fine revealed the first screenshots of Costume Quest 2, and announced that its platforms will include PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


"Cannot wait. Up there as one of my most anticipated games for (hopefully) 2014."

- Nerdsbeware see all 10 comments

Shacknews Live: Mario Kart 8 [Update: It's over]

By Steve Watts, Jun 03, 2014 8:45am PDT

Shacknews' video crew has a craving for some high-speed hijinks today, so they'll be throwing down the Blue Shells in Mario Kart 8. Join Shacknews' Sam Leichtamer as she power slides her way to victory and fends off the Boomerangs and Bob-ombs of less fortunate competitors.


"Even I broke down and got a Wii U and then broke it and sent it off for repairs and am ..."

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