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Heat Signature is next game from Gunpoint creator

By Ozzie Mejia, Feb 03, 2014 3:30pm PST

Gunpoint creator Tom Francis has released a prototype video for his next project, Heat Signature, a stealth game set in space.


"I have a feeling that there will be a sequel to it eventually. It was too popular (and funny) ..."

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Gunpoint packs level editor

By Alice O'Connor, Oct 09, 2012 4:00pm PDT

Puzzling stealthy hack 'em up Gunpoint will have a level editor, creator Tom Francis has confirmed. It looks like a pleasingly simple click-and-drag affair with pre-built pieces, so you should be making your own facilities for your hacker to infiltrate in no time at all. Onc...

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Gunpoint developer walkthrough

A short developer walkthrough with Tom Francis, John Roberts, and Fabian van Dommelen for Gunpoint.

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