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Nvidia-branded Version of Stardock's Impulse Will Auto-Install Graphics Drivers

By Nick Breckon, Sep 01, 2009 4:00pm PDT

Stardock today announced that a new "Nvidia Edition" version of its PC digital download platform Impulse is set to be released later this summer....


""You think it makes no difference in sales when anyone can get anything for free? Sure some ..."

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Stardock Recommends Switching to Windows 7 'as Quickly as Possible'

By Chris Faylor, Jun 17, 2009 6:30pm PDT

"It would be good if everybody switched to Windows 7 as quickly as possible," Brad Wardell, CEO of Demigod publisher and Impulse operator Stardock,...


"Pfft. Win7 is as good as XP ever is or was. Just as fast for games, and just as stable. Even ..."

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Roughly 88% of Peak Hour Demigod Users Pirates

By Chris Faylor, Apr 17, 2009 9:19am PDT

Update: Stardock has asked the press to clarify that the below figures don't represent overall sales, but simply the breakdown of...


"I'm a fellow developer and in all honesty, my heart goes out to the developers of this game. I ..."

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Stardock Working on Demigod Multiplayer Issues

By Alice O'Connor, Apr 15, 2009 5:15pm PDT

An update from publisher Stardock's CEO Brad Wardell details the problems facing Gas Powered Games's RPG-RTS hybrid and the steps being taken to...


"Btw a patch was released last night which has assisted greatly in getting games going. Not the ..."

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New Stardock Tech 'Throws Goo on DRM,' Allows Gamers to Resell Downloaded Games

By Chris Faylor, Mar 25, 2009 3:02pm PDT

Elemental: War of Magic developer and Sins of a Solar Empire publisher Stardock today unveiled Goo, a new technology that the company claims will...


"Being able to resell your game license is great news. Not being able to do that is one of the ..."

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Stardock's Wardell: Hardcore PC Games Still Viable

By Nick Breckon, Mar 24, 2009 6:26pm PDT

The talk began with a quiz. On screen, a few colorful pixels and jagged, aliased lines. "Who can name this game?" A few murmurs. Finally,...


"(Re-reads your post) And you weren't having a go at me. I should really read things twice. MY ..."

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Stardock's Wardell: 'Age of Steam' May Not Last

By Nick Breckon, Mar 10, 2009 7:00pm PDT

Stardock CEO Brad Wardell recently took exception to a recent Edge editorial proclaiming the "Age of Steam," writing a stiff defense of competition...


"That you never had problem with steam and had plenty of problems with SecuROM? I believe you on ..."

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Stardock Opening Second Studio, Plans New PC RPG

By Nick Breckon, Feb 04, 2009 12:24pm PST

Helped in part by generous Michigan tax breaks, developer/publisher Stardock (Sins of a Solar Empire, Demigod) is planning a $900,000 expansion of...


"Yea watch out for 500k people in Michigan with CS degrees...."

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Stardock CEO Wants to Update Classic PC Games, Dislikes 'Artistic Vision' for Sequels

By Blake Ellison, Nov 17, 2008 11:08am PST

Stardock CEO Brad Wardell has his eye on a few classic gaming franchises and wants to bring them back--and he wants to do it right, if the rights...


"There's one in the works. Isn't one of the original team members running the project? "

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Stardock Unveils Fantasy Strategy Game Elemental with Spore-like Mod Support

By Chris Faylor, Nov 04, 2008 9:26am PST

Sins of a Solar Empire (PC) publisher and The Political Machine 2008 (PC) developer Stardock today revealed its next major internal project,...


"I have a vague recollection of some developer recently saying something along the lines of 'we ..."

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Stardock Rates DRM Complaints, Revises Gamers Bill of Rights

By Chris Faylor, Oct 15, 2008 11:43am PDT

Based on the "amazing level of support from the publisher and developer community" that Stardock received from the initial Gamers Bill of Rights,...


"the only form of DRM that really annoys me is limited installations... there's just too many ..."

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The Gamer's Bill of Rights Unveiled, Demands PC Gamers Not Be Treated as 'Potential Criminals'

By Chris Faylor, Aug 29, 2008 8:40am PDT

In an effort to create standards for PC games and increase consumer confidence, publisher Stardock and Demigod developer Gas Powered Games today...


"There is value in a voluntary association of developers to establish a review board to rate how ..."

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Micro-Expansions For Sins of a Solar Empire

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 29, 2008 4:22am PDT

The Sins of a Solar Empire world will expand with several expansions during the next year, publisher Stardock announced today. The first expansion...


"Wasn't there suppose to be an update for this game that will add a campaign mode? I'm still ..."

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Stardock Launches Digital Distribution Store Impulse

By Aaron Linde and Chris Faylor, Jun 17, 2008 1:55pm PDT

Publisher Stardock today announced the launch of Impulse, a new PC gaming digital distribution and retail platform for Windows XP and Windows...


"this post needs more love. This is exactly what developers need to do. Give us the choice."

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Demigod Delayed until 2009, Summer Beta Detailed; Stardock to Publish with No Copy Protection

By Chris Faylor, Apr 07, 2008 9:33am PDT

Gas Powered Games' RTS-RPG hybrid Demigod (PC) has been delayed into 2009 and will be published by digital and retail distributor Stardock, the two...


"My friends and I played dota quite often and we very much agree with you. Dota has no balance ..."

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