Stardock Recommends Switching to Windows 7 'as Quickly as Possible'

By Chris Faylor, Jun 17, 2009 6:30pm PDT "It would be good if everybody switched to Windows 7 as quickly as possible," Brad Wardell, CEO of Demigod publisher and Impulse operator Stardock, has said.

Speaking with Gamasutra, he cited the WARP (Windows Advanced Rasterization Platform) feature of the new operating system as a major boon, as it allows the CPU to handle DirectX acceleration if a dedicated video card isn't up to snuff, or even present.

"We want the game to look incredible on high-end systems, but I want people to be able to play this on their three-year-old laptop on the airplane," he explained.

In addition to running the digital distribution platform Impulse and publishing PC titles like Gas Powered Game's Demigod and Ironclad's Sins of a Solar Empire, the niche-focused studio is also known for its work on the Galactic Civilization strategy franchise.

"One of the things that comes up often is, 'How has Stardock made so much money on these niche games?' Well, because our games run on millions of boxes."

As part of that drive towards accessibility, Stardock isn't planning to require DirectX 10--supported by Windows Vista and 7--"until Windows Vista hits critical mass."

Wardell added that "apparently, performance is really good" within Windows 7. The OS is currently available in release candidate form and hits store shelves on October 22.

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  • I switched to Windows 7 as soon as I put my new system together a couple of weeks ago, and it runs like a charm. Absolutely stable, fast as hell and seems to run games faster than my Vista intstall does (i notice a clear fps increas in 7).

    The only reason I have a triple boot system with 7/Vista/XP now is for the sake of certain older games, and one new one that is a clusterfuck anyway.

    Windows 7: Everything, games and day to day stuff.

    Vista: GTA 4, because for some reason it keeps crashing on 7 for me

    XP: Civilization IV, because the overhaul mod I use has incompatibilites with Vista and 7, and Duke Nukem 3D so I can play Co Op with my buddy across the country.