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SOCOM 4 multiplayer beta this month

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SOCOM 4 multiplayer beta this month

SOCOM 4 developer Zipper Interactive has revealed the PlayStation 3-exclusive shooter's multiplayer beta schedule, a multi-step program that will see it rolled out gradually to ever-larger groups from March 15.

Initially, it'll be private for select "eligible players," who'll soon be contacted if they're one of the lucky ones. On March 22, PlayStation Plus subscribers get in. Come March 29, it'll open to everyone with a code from Killzone 3. Finally, on April 5, it'll become an open beta, freely available to everyone on the PlayStation Network. Read more »

"Let's hope Zipper doesn't do what they did with the last Socom. Which was just do a remake of ..."
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Fresh crop of demos on PlayStation Store

Fresh crop of demos on PlayStation Store

This week's PlayStation Store update was a demo-o-rama, bringing trials for BioWare's RPG Dragon Age II, MLB 11: The Show and LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars. On top of those, the Yakuza 4 demo that was previously exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers is now available to all and sundry. Huzzah for trying before buying.

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"find Xenogears and play it on a PS1 emulator, that's how I played it 2 years ago. Looked effin ..."
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PlayStation Plus Subscribers Getting Free Genesis Classics

Sony seems to be ramping up its free goodies for PlayStation Plus in the past few weeks. Not only did it make the new Double Fine game Stacking available for free on day one, but now several Sega Genesis classics are coming for free, and before they're available for everyone else to boot.

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"this is awesome. Definetly gonna get sonic, goldenaxe and altered beast. I laugh at people that ..."
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PlayStation Store Update Brings Stacking, Plants vs. Zombies and Killzone 3 Demo

Sony's weekly PlayStation Store update arrived yesterday, delivering heaps of goodies including the release of Double Fine's Stacking, explosive platformer Explodemon and PopCap's lawn defense game Plants vs. Zombies.

PlayStation Plus owners were treated to Stacking for free, for now. They also got access to the Killzone 3 single-player demo a week earlier than everyone else. The KZ3 demo comes in 2D and 3D editions, with the former being downloaded automatically. Read more »

"Microsoft gives KZ3 it's seal of approval. MSN games gave it a 9 out of 10 and seemed to ..."
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Stacking Available Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers All Month, on 'Day One'

It's hard to take a look at Double Fine's upcoming downloadable title Stacking and not have it pile up large amounts of joy in our hearts. For PlayStation Plus subscribers, that level of joy is about to get lethal.

According to the PlayStation Blog, PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive Stacking as a free download the day it arrives on the PlayStation Store; February 8. That's right, if you pay for Sony's extended PlayStation Network service then the entire game is yours at no additional cost. Read more »

"The problem with PS Plus is 90% of the games they offer I already own. And if it's something new ..."
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PlayStation Store Update: Mass Effect 2, Metal Slug X, Mega Man, Modern Combat and More

Sony's PlayStation Store received a beast of an update yesterday, headline by a digital release for the long-awaited PS3 edition of Mass Effect 2, along with a Full Game Trial version of BioWare's RPG for PS Plus subscribers and a little DLC for it.

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"That makes Scott Pilgrim what... 5 bucks? Totally worth it if you like oldschool 16-bit ..."
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New Round of PlayStation Plus Additions and Removals Revealed

The special offers for PlayStation Plus subscribers will get a routine shakeup on January 18, Sony has announced, as an old wave gets swept out and new offers arrive, including 50% off retro-styled comic book brawler Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

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PlayStation Store Adds Risk Factions, NEOGEO Software, Strong Bad, Two Thrones and More

In the final PlayStation Store update before the holidays, a new wave of content has arrived to keep you inside and warm as chestnuts roast on an open fire nearby.

Noteworthy additions to the PlayStation Store include Risk: Factions finally making its way to the PlayStation 3, priced at $9.99; the entire Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People series is available as a complete season pass; priced at $14.99; and the re-mastered HD version of Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones rounds out the trilogy's debut on the PSN, priced at $14.99. Read more »

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PlayStation Store Update Brings X-Men Arcade, Marvel Pinball, Move-Enabled LBP Spin-off and More

The PlayStation store got a Marvellous update this week, as Marvel Comics' superheroes are starring in two of the new arrivals--beat 'em up X-Men Arcade and flip 'em up Marvel Pinball. Now you see that the capitalised "Marvellous" was in fact a pun.

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PlayStation Store Update Brings Alien Breed 2, Lara Croft DLC and Kung-Fu Live!

Sony's weekly refresh of the PlayStation Store has arrived, bringing the wacky beat 'em up Kung-Fu Live!, which turns you into the star through the PlayStation Eye. Also in yesterday's update were Qlione Evolve and the eventual PS3 release of Team17's retro top-down shooter Alien Breed 2: Assault, over two months after it hit PC and Xbox 360.

Other new arrivals this week include some PSP title price drops from Sega, the free Kane & Lynch character pack downloadable content for Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light plus a paid challenge pack for the raid 'em up, and great gobs of other DLC. Read more »

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PS Plus Early December Release Schedule Includes Free Sam & Max Season 3

The full season of Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse will be given to PlayStation Plus subscribers, Sony has revealed in the Plus release schedule for the next fortnight.

Plus members will also get the standalone LittleBigPlanet 2 Move-enabled spin-off Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves for free a week ahead of its regular release, not to mention Fieldrunners and Crash Tag Team Racing for nowt. Read more »

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Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Beta Kicks Off in Europe for PS Plus Subscribers

The PS3-exclusive Assassin's Creed Brotherhood multiplayer beta has gone live for all PlayStation Plus users in Europe. A new trailer has also been released by Ubisoft.

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"I bought the pre-order and am still awaiting my opportunity to come on Oct. 4th. /jealous"
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European PlayStation Plus Members Get Early Access to Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Demo

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe revealed that PlayStation Plus members will get early access to a demo for the upcoming high-def Castlevania debut.

In a post on the European PlayStation Blog, PlayStation Network Product Manager James Thorpe revealed the demo for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow would be available today for Plus subscribers. The demo will be available for all PlayStation users on September 29. Read more »

"I really really really want this one to be good. I love the super-detailed gothic design they ..."
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God of War: Ghost of Sparta Demo Coming Exclusively to PS+ Subscribers Next Week

For those of your paying for Sony's premium PlayStation service, we have some words of advice: "Sharpen your blades."

The PlayStation Blog has revealed that, on Tuesday, September 7, a demo for Kratos' second PSP adventure will be released exclusively for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Developed by Ready at Dawn Studios, God of War: Ghost of Sparta takes place between the first and second console titles in the blood-soaked franchise and attempts to answer lingering questions you might have. Read more »

"Just port the damn PSP games to PS3 (PSN) and be done with ti."
- abrasion    See all 4 comments

PlayStation Store Adds Castle Crashers, Vanquish Demo and Discounts a Handful PSN Titles

This week's PlayStation Store update adds Castle Crashers for $14.99 and the Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse season finale. If you've yet to experience the latest Sam & Max season, PlayStation 3 users can purchase the entire season for the discounted price of $19.99 (down from $29.99).

The PlayStation Store also has a plethora of other titles on sale this week, available for all users. Capcom's Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is down to $7.49 (originally $9.99), Worms is down 50% (now $6.49, down from $12.99), and the addictive puzzle title Cuboid is down to $5.49 (originally $9.99). A number of other titles can be found on the cheap this week. Read more »

"Yay, Castle Crashers on PSN finally! Been waiting for this ever since I played it at a ..."
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