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Red Faction makes its way to PlayStation 4

By John Keefer, Dec 22, 2016 1:27pm PST

It's emulated, and not a remastered version of the PS2 classic, but it works.


"Too soon. I'm playing the steam version now.. It's fine. They could add more shadows and a ..."

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Elite Dangerous flying onto PlayStation 4 in Q2 2017

By John Keefer, Dec 08, 2016 7:42am PST

This version will utilize touch controls and be designed for proper use of the DualShock 4.


"I would be shocked if there was, performance can get kind of chunky in places even on a good PC. ..."

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The Last Guardian Review: Tri-camaraderie

By Brittany Vincent, Dec 08, 2016 5:59am PST

Is Fumito Ueda's latest worth jumping into after all these years? Our review. 


"Solid review, thanks! What do you think was your biggest surprise game this year?"

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South Park: The Fractured But Whole Assembles Its Avengers In New Trailer

By Jason Faulkner, Dec 07, 2016 9:55am PST

The Coon is looking to investigate a conspiracy. 


"Don't know about the PS4 version specifically but it's a great game. Probably the funniest game ..."

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PlayStation 4 tops 50 million units sold since launch three years ago

By John Keefer, Dec 07, 2016 7:45am PST

It took the PS3 more than four years to hit that number.


"Unfortunately ps3 cell means that a ps5 would have to have actual ps3 guts inside it"

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Final Fantasy 15 Is Getting A New Series of Game Updates

By Jason Faulkner, Dec 07, 2016 7:30am PST

Event scenes and more are on their way to the game. 


"Is this game fun? Should I buy it? WHEN IS ASTRONEER BEING RELEASED TO EA?!"

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The Flame in the Flood To Debut On PlayStation 4 With Extras

By Jason Faulkner, Dec 07, 2016 6:55am PST

You could say this game will be 'flooded' with extra content. 


PlayStation Experience 2016: New Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Trailer Released

By Brittany Vincent, Dec 03, 2016 11:23am PST

The sequel to Level-5's sprawling RPG makes an appearance. 


"From the Thumbnail, this looked like it was going to be news about Inspector Gadget... :P"

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PlayStation 4 Continues to Lead in Sales Over Xbox With Cyber Monday Numbers

By Jason Faulkner, Dec 01, 2016 7:15am PST

Who could resist that PS4 Pro deal?


"I know I took advantage of the 50% trade in bonus to turn my Xbox one and PS4 into a PS4 Pro and ..."

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Ark: Survival Evolved finally coming for PlayStation 4 next week

By John Keefer, Nov 30, 2016 10:15am PST

The Survivor's Pack will also include the Scorched Earth expansion.


Watch Sony Worldwide's Shuhei Yoshida get excited by The Last Guardian unboxing

By John Keefer, Nov 30, 2016 8:39am PST

It's been eight years of waiting, so his joy is understandable.


Final Fantasy XV Day One update improves camera, supports Facebook and Twitter

By Daniel Perez, Nov 21, 2016 7:23am PST

Square Enix has detailed what we can expect from Final Fantasy XV's 'Crown Update', which includes improvements to its camera, new features, and support for both Facebook and Twitter.


"Isn't this just integration with the os support? You know you can upload screenshots and things ..."

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New Final Fantasy XV trailer highlights everything we need to know

By Daniel Perez, Nov 21, 2016 7:10am PST

There's a lot going on in Final Fantasy XV, but its new 101 trailer lays it all out for us in an easy-to-understand way.


"10 sucked imo. It was so much worse than the few games that came before and the earlier ones. ..."

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PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro get 4.06 firmware update

By John Keefer, Nov 17, 2016 11:32am PST

As with 4.05, it's small and just 'improves system performance.'


Take A Look At Horizon: Zero Dawn's Open World With The Latest Trailer

By Brittany Vincent, Nov 14, 2016 7:38am PST

Yep, looks expansive, alright. 


"I really need to keep my expectations in check for this game, because holy crap it looks so damn ..."

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