Fix PlayStation 4 Share Function Error Code CE-34719-4

If you've been attempting to share media via the PlayStation 4's share function this morning or any time in the last day or so, you've probably ran into error code CE-34719-4. If you're concerned that you'll just never be able to share screenshots and clips again to social media, don't panic. There's a widespread issue going on right now that folks are experiencing, and it isn't just you.

This error appears to be forcing players to sign into Twitter when they try to share gameplay or screenshots to Twitter, and then when logged in, the error code CE-34719-4 persists. It appears that unless Sony pushes through an update of some sort, this may be something that we have to deal with for the foreseeable future, unless there's some sort of workaround coming down the pipeline.

Research indicates that this code has been appearing off and on since 2017 at various times, and it appears Sony hasn't released anything official with it, but we'll bring you a fix or ideas on how to bypass it if at all possible when something emerges. 

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