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PAX Organizer ReedPOP Acquires Gamer Network, Parent Company of Eurogamer, Digital Foundry & EGX

By Charles Singletary, Feb 26, 2018 9:59am PST

The house that built PAX and New York Comic-Con has added a plethora of publications to their family.


"That one guy with the hair seemed to do pretty good at that stuff."

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PAX South 2018 Tickets - Prices and Availability

By Bill Lavoy, Jan 10, 2018 4:00pm PST

Find out what tickets are still available for PAX South 2018, and how much they’ll set you back.


Where and When is PAX South 2018?

By Bill Lavoy, Jan 10, 2018 3:50pm PST

Get the details behind the when and where for PAX South 2018 in San Antonio, TX.


PAX Unplugged to offers a new convention of only tabletop gaming

By John Keefer, Jan 30, 2017 8:12am PST

The first event is planned for Philadelphia in November.


"The board game companies at PAX South said they were going to look into splitting and going to ..."

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Monday Night Combat Patch and DLC On the Way

By Jeff Mattas, Aug 30, 2010 2:00pm PDT

The folks over at Uber Entertainment have announced that a title update for Monday Night Combat is currently undergoing testing in preparation for...


""The biggest change is the Assassin not having as big of a penalty for a missed grapple." ..."

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Penny Arcade Trio Net GDC Ambassador Award

By Chris Faylor, Jan 28, 2010 2:20pm PST

Following word that Valve's Gabe Newell will receive this year's Game Developers Choice Pioneer Award, the main trio behind gaming webcomic...


"Are you claiming valve screwed over the PC community? Thats about as blatantly retarded as it ..."

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PAX East Tickets Now On Sale

By Nick Breckon, Oct 20, 2009 1:10pm PDT

Tickets to the first east-coast Penny Arcade Expo are now on sale at the official website. PAX East is being held in Boston, Massachusetts from...


"I'm a little confused as to why this was published now. I purchased my tickets to PAX East 2010 ..."

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Penny Arcade Expo Not Scared of Renewed Big E3, Has 'Plenty More Thunder'

By Blake Ellison, Oct 23, 2008 4:30pm PDT

After scathing industry criticism forced the E3 Expo to return to its over-the-top roots, the popular Penny Arcade Expo could face some competition...


"You really should hit it up some year. I think you would be impressed."

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Rumor: New Halo 3 'Mythic' Campaign Incoming in September

By Blake Ellison, Sep 03, 2008 2:10pm PDT

A new campaign for Bungie's Xbox 360 shooter Halo 3 may be on the way this month, according to various pictures taken at PAX last weekend. A...


"I like BFBC Multi over COD4. The latter is too much like CS and everyone moves too fast. BFBC ..."

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Demigod Hands-on Preview and Fresh Screenshots

By Nick Breckon, Sep 03, 2008 9:26am PDT

To describe Gas Powered Games' Demigod as a DotA clone is doing a disservice to its target audience. Demigod is DotA for people who think DotA sounds like a division of Homeland Security. So what is Demigod? Picture a PC RTS where the player co


"Nothing gray about your world, is there? I guess you were born with an innate ability to play ..."

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Left 4 Dead Preview and New Video: Calling It

By Nick Breckon, Sep 02, 2008 12:12pm PDT

You play a game long enough, especially one as focused and polished as Left 4 Dead, and you naturally start to form an opinion. digg_url = 'http://www.shacknews.com/onearti


"Agreed. The gfx are just not what they should be. I know Valve is big on immersion, but looking ..."

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StarCraft 2 Impressions: My Life for Ire

By Nick Breckon, Sep 02, 2008 9:57am PDT

Observing a Blizzard fan is a painful experience these days. It's like watching a dog being tortured with a bone that's held just out of reach--for...


"I'm sure the vespene issue will be ironed out in testing. They implemented it supposedly to try ..."

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Spore Updated Impressions: An Evolving Interest

By Nick Breckon, Sep 02, 2008 9:56am PDT

Maybe it's because I preferred astronomy class over biology. Maybe it's because the creature creator has been done to death already. Maybe it's...


"If you don't develop your creature properly you end up with a UFO that can only shoot Britney ..."

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Ex-Nintendo VP: 'Parents Who Use Video Games as a Babysitter Shouldn't Have Sex'

By Chris Faylor, Sep 02, 2008 9:14am PDT

Former Nintendo marketing vice president Perrin Kaplan isn't staying out of the gaming industry, and she's not keeping her mouth shut about lazy...


"I agree. When I started playing video games back when Sega was getting it's Master System out ..."

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Dragon Age Toolset Pictured

By Maarten Goldstein, Sep 01, 2008 5:26am PDT

BioWare showed off the Dragon Age: Origins toolset at the Penny Arcade Expo yesterday, and for those of us not at the show, the Canadian developer...


"Just one question, does this toolkit support native 3ds Max model imports / exports?"

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