Ex-Nintendo VP: 'Parents Who Use Video Games as a Babysitter Shouldn't Have Sex'

BOOM widget 119214Former Nintendo marketing vice president Perrin Kaplan isn't staying out of the gaming industry, and she's not keeping her mouth shut about lazy parents either.

"Parents who use video games as a babysitter shouldn't have sex to begin with," she proclaimed during a PAX panel on sex and violence in gaming.

The subject of video games remains a controversial subject for parents. While some apparently use video games to babysit their kids, others are more afraid of their children playing mature titles like Grand Theft Auto than watching porn or drinking beer.

Though outspoken on some fronts, Kaplan remained tight-lipped about her future in the field. All she would reveal, as relayed by Wired, is that her company Zebra Partners and its self-described obsession with "connecting brands and consumers" will expand into gaming once her non-compete clause with Nintendo expires in December.

"I have not left the gaming industry for good," she noted. "I love it."

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