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Journey developer teases its next project is 'a game about giving' [Update]

By Daniel Perez, Nov 01, 2016 11:42am PDT

Thatgamecompany is currently working on 'a game about giving.'


Journey's PS4 promotional image may have outed a new upcoming feature

By Daniel Perez, Jul 21, 2015 7:02am PDT

Thanks to a promotional image for Journey, we may have learned of a new feature expected to come to the PlayStation 4.


"woo! Journey is an amazing game, glad there will be a bunch of people playing for the first ..."

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PlayStation summer PLAY promo includes Journey, N++, Galak-Z, and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

By Ozzie Mejia, Jul 14, 2015 10:11am PDT

PlayStation is kicking off its annual summer PLAY promotion next week, starting with the remastered Journey. Each subsequent week will see a new release, with N++, Galak-Z, and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture all making their anticipated PS4 debuts.


Journey PS4 release date possibly outed by Sony for July launch [Update: Confirmed!]

By Daniel Perez, Jul 07, 2015 11:49am PDT

Sony may have accidentally outed the release date of the PlayStation 4 version of Journey.


"As long as you are the sort of gamer that likes emotion in a game, then this is for you. Once ..."

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10 Games That Satisfy Without Taking Up All Your Time

By Steven Wong, Apr 27, 2015 11:00am PDT

You can have a deep and satisfying gaming experience without having to spend 40 hours or more playing it. Here are ten games that will satisfy without eating up all your spare time.


"The "Status Update: Single" ending for Shadow Complex should absolutely be on this list ..."

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Journey to be remastered on PS4 as part of ThatGameCompany compilation

By Ozzie Mejia, Apr 16, 2015 3:55pm PDT

It was one of the single best gaming experiences to be found on PlayStation 3 and now Sony is looking to bring Journey to a whole new generation on PS4 with a remastered effort.


"Sounds good, didn't own a PS3 so I'll be glad to get a chance to play them!"

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Journey and Unfinished Swan coming to PlayStation 4

By Steve Watts, Aug 12, 2014 8:15am PDT

Two games hailed for their artistic prowess on PlayStation 3 are heading to PS4 later this year.


"Yup, I never owned a PS3 and Ive always wanted to play this game. This and Last of Us are ..."

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Weekend Confirmed 106 - Xenoblade Chronicles, Operation Raccoon City, Silent Hill Downpour

By Garnett Lee, Mar 30, 2012 11:00am PDT

Weekend Confirmed is back with Garnett, Ariel Angelotti, Jeff Mattas, and funnyman Christian Spicer. This week brings some Xenoblade Chronicles, Journey discussion, next-gen console speculation, and Operation Raccoon City vs. Silent Hill Downpour talk.


"...and they have a bunch of retail partners who would be angry if the digital sales were in any ..."

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Journey private online beta begins soon

By Andrew Yoon, Jun 23, 2011 8:30pm PDT

Journey has been receiving tons of praise for its inspirational art direction. But, it also features online play--a feature you may have a chance to try next week.


"If he's not complaining about how shitty something is it means he's excited."

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Journey Preview

By Garnett Lee, Jun 03, 2011 1:00pm PDT

Journey, the next title from Flower creators That Game Company, defies description but after playing it for an hour we know a little more about this cooperative experience adventure.


"Oh man... that is the response I was dreading to hear... :( This looks very very interesting.."

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Daily Filter: December 10, 2010

By Xav de Matos, Dec 10, 2010 7:00pm PST

Shacknews receives a slew of new screenshots and trailers for upcom


"Scrap that; I can't read american-format dat.. it was published today... (10/12 vs 12/10)"

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Journey E3 2010 Preview

By Chris Faylor, Jun 23, 2010 6:00pm PDT

While Journey continues in the tradition of thatgamecompany's flOw and Flower--beautiful works perhaps better described as interactive experiences...


"WTF is this? Get this shit of my website you fucking cockbag."

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Flower Dev Unveils Its 'Journey'

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 15, 2010 6:44pm PDT

flOw and Flower developer thatgamecompany has revealed its new project Journey, promising to continue "its tradition of delivering simple gameplay...


"Flower + Shrooms for the first time = 45min of visual mania that I wish I could remember.... "

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