Journey to be remastered on PS4 as part of ThatGameCompany compilation

ThatGameCompany has provided some truly sublime experiences to PlayStation 3 owners, including a major Shacknews favorite, Journey. The #4 Shacknews Game of the Year for 2012 has aged exceedingly well, so much so that Sony is looking to share this experience (along with a few others) with a new generation by bringing a new ThatGameCompany remastered collection to PlayStation 4.

According to GameSpot, the collection will include a trio of ThatGameCompany titles: FlOw, Flower, and Journey. All three games will be remastered to take advantage of the PS4 hardware and run at 1080p and 60fps. This compilation will be released on a retail disc, though there's no word on whether the publisher will eventually release digital copies.

Journey has gone on to win multiple awards from a number of award shows and is among ThatGameCompany's most celebrated efforts. While some will wonder where the studio's next game is, that makes this as good a time as any to remind those folks that a new ThatGameCompany effort is still years away.

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