Journey private online beta begins soon

Journey has been receiving tons of praise for its inspirational art direction. But, it also features online play--a feature many have been curious to try. You may be lucky enough to get a chance to walk through the sands yourself, as thatgamecompany confirmed over Twitter that "a very limited, private Online Beta" is coming. In fact, details of the program will be unveiled on Monday.

It'll be curious to see exactly what the beta test tests, as the online experience for the game is radically different from what other PSN games have attempted:

There's no chat with other players, text or voice; nor is there a sign language to communicate in-game, though it is possible to create a sort of agreed upon language of motion and signals with the other player by experimentation. And there's also no indication of who the other player is. Journey's online is a one-on-one anonymous adventure.