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Atari files for bankruptcy, to sell logo and IPs

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Atari files for bankruptcy, to sell logo and IPs

Iconic game publisher Atari US filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy today in an effort to separate from its struggling French parent, Atari SA, formerly known as Infogrames. The move means that Atari will end up selling off its logo and many of the classic titles, such as Pong, Centipede, Asteroids and Tempest.

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"It sure would be great to see the name Atari mean something again."
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Atari Reviving Baldur's Gate, Other Franchises

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Publisher Atari is planning to resurrect several of its beloved franchises, including Baldur's Gate, Dungeons & Dragons and Test Drive--just not in the next year.

"You will hear more from these but not today, because we're focused on 2009," said Phil Harrison, president of Atari owner Infogrames, according to Eurogamer.

PC entries in the Baldur's Gate series have been traditionally developed by BioWare, which is now owned by rival publisher EA. The last Baldur's Gate release on PC, the Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal expansion, arrived in 2001. BioWare is currently plotting its returning to the realm of PC fantasy-RPGs with next year's Dragon Age. Read more »

"That is why I included a link to the Ben Kingsley recording - Ben Kingsley rage is much cooler ..."
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Atari Posts $3.5M Profit After Years of Losses

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After at least two years of solid losses and being delisted from Nasdaq, publisher Atari has announced a profit of $3.5 million for the first quarter of its 2009 fiscal year, which ran from April 1, 2008 to June 30, 2008.

In all, the company brought in $40.3, with $36.7 million of that stemming from the its publishing efforts, which include Eden and Hyrdravision's Alone in the Dark (PC, 360, PS2, Wii), CD Projekt's The Witcher (PC), and several Xbox Live Arcade games. Read more »

"Phil Harrison. Never liked him much at Sony adn he said some ridiculous stuff but eh. Good luck ..."
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Infogrames: Offline Single-Player Games Not Viable

Adding to comments made late last week, Infogrames president and former Sony executive Phil Harrison suggested that linear single-player gaming experiences may be on the way out in favor of online-enabled, downloadable content-fueled titles.

"I think the single-player, disconnected console game is probably in its dotage," Harrison told Videogaming247. "Now, that doesn't mean that those games aren't relevant going forwards, but they will be enhanced by community features being embedded in them, or downloadable content becoming an inherent part of the experience, or some kind of user-generated content will be part of the experience." Read more »

"Notice he doesn't mention platform? These executives really only see dollar signs, not ..."
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Atari Moving Away from Single-player Efforts, Contemplating Online Social Game Focus

Alone in the Dark publisher Atari will soon move away from publishing and developing "high-budget single-player games," according to Phil Harrison, the president of parent company Infogrames.

"I don't see that we're going to be making huge-budget, single-player games in the future," he told Gamasutra. "That doesn't mean that we won't have ambition to do really incredible games that have high quality, high execution, and high innovation, but they won't be one-player, narrative-driven, start-middle-end games." Read more »

"Indeed MMO's take time. And no MMO has yet to reach heights like WOW. What is it 13 million ..."
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Atari Delisted from Nasdaq

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Publisher Atari has revealed that, as of today, its stock will no longer be listed or traded on The Nasdaq Stock Market.

The action follows numerous warnings from Nasdaq, in which Atari was informed that it would be delisted if the value of its public shares did not increase to $15 million or more and stay above that figure for at least ten days.

Following its removal from Nasdaq, Atari stock will be available for purchase and sale through delisted company trader Pink Sheets. Read more »

"Wouldn't it be hilarious if Atari started making boutique computers and go head to head with the ..."
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Infogrames Completes Purchase of Atari

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Publisher Infogrames today announced that it has acquired the remaining shares of Atari for $11 million, making the ailing company a wholly-owned subsidiary. Infogrames previously held a majority stake of 51.4% in Atari.

"Bringing Atari US and Infogrames businesses together will enable us to create a simplified global structure for our business as we seek to re-build a well-managed, cohesive and financially disciplined company," said Infogrames CEO David Gardner. Read more »

"well theres a easy way to settle this correctly.. try comming up with 10 games on the spot that ..."
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Infogrames Offers to Purchase Atari

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Atari's largest shareholder and parent company Infogrames has made an offer to buy the remainder of shares and make the company private, GamesIndustry reports.

Infogrames, which already owns a 51 percent stake in Atari, offered $1.68 per share in an effort to retain the company as a wholly-owned property. Atari said that the company's board of directors intends to give the proposal a thorough evaluation. Read more »

"I had thought that Infogrames had already owned Atari completely. I tried to help them out by ..."
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Atari Parent Names Phil Harrison as New President

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Atari parent company Infogrames Entertainment today announced the appointment of former Sony executive Phil Harrison as the company's new president.

Harrison, who resigned from his post as the president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios late last week, will also join Infogrames' board of directors in his new position. As president, he will oversee the studios and content development for the group. Read more »

"lol Atari? Has he even looked into the company? They don't know what they are doing, and ..."
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