Atari Reviving Baldur's Gate, Other Franchises

By Chris Faylor, Dec 02, 2008 9:05am PST Publisher Atari is planning to resurrect several of its beloved franchises, including Baldur's Gate, Dungeons & Dragons and Test Drive--just not in the next year.

"You will hear more from these but not today, because we're focused on 2009," said Phil Harrison, president of Atari owner Infogrames, according to Eurogamer.

PC entries in the Baldur's Gate series have been traditionally developed by BioWare, which is now owned by rival publisher EA. The last Baldur's Gate release on PC, the Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal expansion, arrived in 2001. BioWare is currently plotting its returning to the realm of PC fantasy-RPGs with next year's Dragon Age.

The Baldur's Gate series has also hit consoles, beginning with PlayStation 2 in 2001 and followed by an Xbox and GameCube release in 2002. All three were developed by Snowblind Studios. Black Isle then helmed a 2004 sequel for PS2 and Xbox.

As for Test Drive, the racing series has laid dormant since Test Drive Unlimited, which hit Xbox 360 in 2006 and then hit PC, PlayStation 2 and PSP in 2007. The PC and 360 editions were developed by Eden Games, with Melbourne House handling the others.

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  • I'd be happy if obsidian did it, as long as they made sure they finished the game within the agreed time frame... (build a finished, polished, releasable product as quick as they can, then add more and more content to it until they hit the deadline...)

    ideally, they should be completely finished all QA testing and have a stable, efficient, fun, playable game 6 months before release date... then start patching / adding content to it... maybe make an expansion pack to it...

    worse case scenario, we end up with less content, but a well polished and stable game.

    the thing that killed troika was their lack of technical polish... I'd much rather the few traditional rpg studios left focused on polish and execution...