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New Harry Potter game to be based on 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'

By Andrew Yoon, Sep 12, 2013 9:00am PDT

The Harry Potter saga may be over, but that doesn't mean Hollywood won't look for other ways to cash in on the franchise. Warner Bros has announced a new movie and a new game.


"I always wanted someone to give another whack at a Quidditch game."

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'Book of Spells' coming from Sony and JK Rowling partnership

By Steve Watts, Jun 04, 2012 7:08pm PDT

At today's press briefing, Sony announced a line of interactive storybooks that work with the PlayStation Move. The first will be Book of Spells, a Harry Potter storybook with a partnership and original writing from JK Rowling.


Harry Potter for Kinect announced

By Steve Watts, May 25, 2012 10:30am PDT

Harry Potter for Kinect has been announced from developer Eurocom and Warner Bros Interactive. It will allow players to scan their face into Hogwarts and play through scenarios from all eight films.


"Holy shit, the wizard it makes from Kinect looks like a fucking retarded mongoloid."

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