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Doom's next update includes Photo Mode, classic weapon placement, and more on June 30

By Daniel Perez, Jun 28, 2016 10:25am PDT

Bethesda has revealed Doom's first major update is coming this week, and with it, a number of improvements, features, and bug fixes.


"Cool, you guys should ask when the Vulkan update is coming out?"

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Next on Seinfeld: The Apartment of Doom

By John Keefer, Jun 22, 2016 8:50am PDT

The Doom 2 mod takes on Jerry's apartment.


Free Doom demo gets extended for the hell of it

By John Keefer, Jun 21, 2016 11:25am PDT

Play the first level of the single-player campaign.


"Remember when the free DOOM mp demo came out, and it sucked arse, so no one wanted to buy the ..."

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Doom: How to Find the Argent Cells

By Cassidee Moser, Jun 03, 2016 2:00pm PDT

Find these cells and you're on the way toward fully upgrading the Doomguy. 


Doom: Find all 36 Elite Guards

By Cassidee Moser, May 31, 2016 5:00pm PDT

An in-depth guide helping you locate all of the Elite Guard corpses scattered throughout Doom's campaign to get you some Praetor upgrades. 


Doom sales reach over 500k on PC alone

By Daniel Perez, May 31, 2016 11:00am PDT

Could Doom reach two milion in sales across all platforms? We certainly think so.


"The game is awesome. I couldn't stop until I finished it. Every detail is amazingly done and the ..."

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Doom: How to Find All 13 Classic Maps

By Cassidee Moser, May 30, 2016 2:00pm PDT

Here's your guide to finding all of the hidden Doom 1 and Doom 2 levels in the all-new campaign. 


"New engine using old school assets and accessed by secret areas."

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Opinion: Doom Release Highlights Shifting Problem of Embargoes

By David Craddock, May 30, 2016 12:00pm PDT

Review embargoes can help critics craft detailed critiques, or hinder them. We take a look at the good, bad, and ugly of review embargoes by putting the circumstances surrounding coverage of id's Doom reboot under a lens.


"Glad you're on the Shack team. Good write-up of what happened behind the scenes. I share many, ..."

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Doom: How to Find All 26 Doomguy Collectibles

By Cassidee Moser, May 25, 2016 2:00pm PDT

Your comprehensive guide for finding the adorable little Doomguy mini-me collectibles. 


"Yup. The good news is that the lever is always near the secret room. The bad news is that it ..."

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Final Score: Doom

By Daniel Perez, May 20, 2016 9:30am PDT

It's been over 20 years since the original Doom was released, and this week, its reboot was released. Fans are understandably skeptical of a new Doom game in 2016, so let's see how well it did with reviewers in our Final Score.


"I think they got it almost perfect.... DBS destroys everything up close. I wouldnt want the ..."

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How to Adjust Launch Options in Doom on PC

By David Craddock, May 18, 2016 4:30pm PDT

Skip intro videos, shorten loading screens, and more by entering commands in Steam.


How to Get the Chainsaw in Doom

By David Craddock, May 18, 2016 3:45pm PDT

Slice and dice with one of Doom's most powerful weapons.


Doom Review: Like Hell You Will

By David Craddock, May 17, 2016 1:05pm PDT

Nothing carries baggage quite like Doom, but id Software uses that baggage to beat a demon to death. Our review.


"Tri and Quad SLI aren't supported on Pascal. We'll have to see if that changes moving forward. "

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Doom 2016: All Secrets, Classic Map Locations, and Elite Guards

By Josh Hawkins, May 17, 2016 10:30am PDT

Doom is riddled with cool secrets and hidden objects to find. Among these secrets are 26 Funko-styled Doom Marine models.


Doom 2016: Walkthrough, Collectables Guide, and Hidden Secrets

By Daniel Perez, May 17, 2016 9:00am PDT

Doom has a lot of collectibles, secrets, and more that you should consider checking out. Here's our guide hub to help you get as much out of the game as possible.