Universal Pictures Taps Nina Bergman for New DOOM Movie

Still trying to wash the taste of 2005's disastrous DOOM movie out of your mouth? It looks like Universal Pictures is indeed working on bringing a new film adaptation of the franchise to light. While rumors had previously swirled around a few years ago regarding a potential new entry in the series, nothing had been confirmed, until now.

The news comes via actor and Letters from the Fire vocalist Nina Bergman, who tweeted that she had "just signed all the paperwork" as the film's scriptwriter. "I get to go back to Bulgaria again and work with some of my favorite people," the tweet read.

Previously, it had been rumored that Universal was scouting someone to act as a scriptwriter for what would eventually be a complete reboot of the franchise, but we haven't heard anything else about it since then.

Curiously, Bergman doesn't exactly have the greatest track record as an actress, appearing in films like Sharknado 3 and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in addition to other semi-obscure media and commercials. She's a talented singer, but it remains to be seen why Bergman was selected for the scriptwriting job. I'm not trying to knock her, but I'm just wondering if she really is the best person for the job. 

Fortunately, all she really has to do is write a better script than the Karl Urban and Dwayne Johnson-fronted DOOM flick. That shouldn't be particularly difficult. Here's hoping Universal doesn't see a complete rehashing of the other movie's failures. 

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