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I Am Alive Development Moves to Splinter Cell Engine

By Jeff Mattas, Jan 18, 2010 4:10pm PST

Ubisoft's upcoming survival adventure game, I Am Alive, has been delayed again for a fairly major development reboot. The project, originally...


"Sounds like they didn't have a clear vision of the type of game they wanted to make to begin with."

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I Am Alive Gets New Developer

By Chris Faylor, Mar 06, 2009 8:22am PST

Independent developer Darkworks and publisher Ubisoft have revealed that they are no longer collaborating on the upcoming first-person survival...


"And they managed to make the worst Ghost Recon game. Ghost Recon 2: 2007 for PS2/GC is such a ..."

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I Am Alive PlayStation Network launch trailer

I Am Alive finally hits the PlayStation Network, and you must strive to survive in the post-apocalyptic town of Haventon following a worldwide calamity.

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