Black Death coming from Darkworks

Darkworks is no stranger to survival horror, having worked on 2001's Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare and Cold Fear. However, their biggest claim to fame may be for a game that hasn't seen release... for a long time: I Am Alive for Ubisoft.

While it's unclear if that game is still in the works, it appears the developer is making another game. Eurogamer discovered a new teaser site for a game called Black Death, a survival horror FPS for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

According to the site, the pitch is as follows: "a city is suddenly hit by a massive cloud of smoke. Mysterious swirls of this black smoke appear and infect everybody. This new disease is spreading all over the city making it a place full of sick people sunk into a comatose state. As they mutate into strange creatures with various powers and group behaviors, they start to become violent and invade the whole city."

So... zombies, right?

BOOM video 9571

You will be able to choose to cure or kill infected, all while attempting to "control the fog" that plagues the city.

No publisher has been attached to the game, making it unclear if Darkworks is simply shopping the game for a publisher, or if it will attempt to release it independently on digital platforms.