Ubisoft: only unnanounced games were canceled

When Ubisoft announced its less-than-stellar financial results last night, it also terminated unnamed projects as part of a restructuring for the coming year. We feared this might mean the end for games we haven't heard from in a while, like I Am Alive and Beyond Good & Evil 2. Apparently, not to worry.


Eurogamer reports that an Ubisoft spokesperson has confirmed that the cancellations only came to "unannounced projects." When pressed for details on those two games specifically, the spokesperson simply said, "We have nothing new to report on those two titles for the moment." It seems like the cult sequel and intriguing survival project are in the clear.

The last we heard from I Am Alive, it had reportedly become a downloadable title, which was later revealed to be a hoax. The latest from Beyond Good & Evil 2 comes from nearly a year ago, when Ubisoft confirmed it was still in development. We're hoping for more concrete details on both at E3 in June, if nothing else so we can stop panicking when Ubisoft cancels games.