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SEGA Nabs Rome: Total War Expansion Rights

By Maarten Goldstein, Jul 01, 2005 11:51am PDT

SEGA today announced that it has acquired the publishing rights to Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion. The expansion pack was originally going to...


"well they are doing 'spartan: total warrior' for the ps2, i dont know which came about first"

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Late Night Consoling

By Alec Matias, Mar 09, 2005 8:00pm PST

First off, don't forget to check this story published earlier in the day concerning most of the major details of J Allard's keynote address. If you...


"How much does anyone want to bet it will be developed for perfectly fine and will still dominate ..."

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SEGA To Buy Rome: Total War Developer

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 09, 2005 4:04am PST

GDC 2005: SEGA Gets Creative is the headline of a news story on IGN, reporting on SEGA Sammy Holdings' announcement to shareholders that it intends...


"Holy cray, I didn't even read the root posts or the link. I was just kidding around! omg."

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Rome: Total War GONE GOLD

By Maarten Goldstein, Sep 13, 2004 9:02am PDT

We received an Activision press release, announcing that Rome: Total War has been released to manufacturing and thus has gone gold. Creative...


"The demo really didn't twist my titty unlike Dawn of War. Maybe i'll give it another shot one day."

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Rome: Total War Next Year

By Maarten Goldstein, Oct 10, 2003 11:55am PDT

Activision sent over a press release announcing that Creative Assembly's strategy game Rome: Total War is shipping fall 2004. "The revolutionary...


Viking Invasion Q&A

By Maarten Goldstein, May 07, 2003 7:13am PDT

The Adrenaline Vault's Q&A with Creative Assembly's Michael de Plater is up. De Plater is asked about the Medieval Total War expansion pack Viking...


Medieval Total War Expansion Chat

By Maarten Goldstein, May 05, 2003 10:19am PDT

The guys at GameSpy Arcade will be hosting a new developer chat tomorrow, as Creative Assembly's Michael de Plater will be attending a chat about...


Medieval Total Expansion Q&A

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 02, 2003 10:46am PST

There's a Medieval Total War: Viking Invasion Q&A on HomeLAN Fed today. Mike Simpson of The Creative Assembly is asked about new features, new...


Rome: Total War Confirmed

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 24, 2003 11:00am PST

We already saw screenshots, a movie, previews, an official site and now Activision has confirmed that Creative Assembly is working on a new Total...


"Good lord you see those screen shots? Gonna take a 48 ghz computer to run that mother."

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Medieval: Total War Patch

By Maarten Goldstein, Nov 05, 2002 11:17am PST

There's a Medieval: Total War patch out, updating Creative Assembly's 3D strategy game to version 1.1. There are many changes and improvements....


"Hoooooooyaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! I just picked up this game Saturday too. :)))"

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Medieval: Total War Q&A

By Maarten Goldstein, Sep 02, 2002 6:15am PDT

The game is out in stores but EuroGamer have posted a new Medieval: Total War Q&A in the usual article format. Creative Assembly's Mike Simpson is...


Medieval: Total War Gone Gold

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 15, 2002 10:05am PDT

According to this forum post containing a press release by Activision and Creative Assembly, the strategy titel Medieval: Total War has gone gold...


"Ok i fixed it by creating the directory manually that the install doesn't ask to create its ..."

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Medieval: Total War Q&A

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 09, 2002 6:36am PDT

GameAxis has posted a Medieval: Total War Q&A. They talk to Mike Simpson of Creative Assembly about this 3D RTS, which is the sequel to Shogun:...


"Yes, he sure is referring to Wc3. It's time for something new, folks! Not the same ol' Blizzard ..."

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Medieval: Total War Shots

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 07, 2002 10:28am PDT

Over at Voodoo Extreme are three new screenshots from Medieval: Total War, the upcoming 3D RTS game from Creative Assembly. The game will be...


"I just wish I new the release date for this... :( I want it bad. I hope there is multiplayer."

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Medieval Q&A

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 07, 2002 6:40am PDT

Also on HomeLAN Fed is this Medieval: Total War Q&A. Creative Assembly's Ian Roxburgh answers a few questions about this sequel to Shogun: Total War.