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Blade Kitten Releasing in September

Krome Studios' comic-inspired brawler Blade Kitten will be released on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as a digital download in September 2010, publisher Atari announced today.

A prequel to Steve Stamatiadis's web comic series, "the pick-up-and-play arcade action" game tells the tale of bounty hunter Kit Ballard.

Stamatiadis also created TY the Tasmanian Tiger, a series Krome developed years ago, with its recent efforts including Game Room and Star Wars: Republic Heroes.

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Test Drive Unlimited 2 Release Date, Pre-Order Bonuses Announced

Test Drive Unlimited's PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 release will be on September 21 in North America, publisher Atari announced today as well as revealing the wide variety of retailer-specific pre-order virtual bonus items for Eden Games' racer sequel.

Described by Atari as belonging to the MOOR genre--that's Massively Open Online Racing, acronym addicts--Test Drive Unlimited 2 boasts a persistent online open world as well as customisable avatars, houses and yachts to buy and show off. Read more »

"Will I be able to easily find and play with friends? Or will this one have the same terrible ..."
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RollerCoaster Tycoon: The Movie Planned

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As Atari continues to capitalize upon the motion-picture rights of its various video game franchises--a movie based upon Asteroids was announced later year--the company has now handed off the rights to a film based upon its "RollerCoaster Tycoon" series.

Sony Pictures Animation picked up the rights, Reuters reports, and is "developing the project as a live-action/CGI hybrid." Read more »

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Achievement Unlocked: Seattle Locksmith Breaks Asteroids High Score Record

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After playing for fifty-eight consecutive hours on a 1979 Atari classic Asteroids arcade cabinet, Seattle locksmith John McAllister managed to achieve the highest score ever recorded for the retro rock-shooter.

Tallying an impressive 41,338,740 points during a grueling play session that ended at 10:18 PM on April 5th, Kokugamer reports that McAllister narrowly trumped previous champ Scott Safran's record of 41,336,440 points -- a record that stood for twenty-eight years. Read more »

"Yeah but it's a shitty version of tetris which lets you hold pieces for later and manipulate the ..."
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Good Old Games, a DRM-free digital distribution service for older PC games, will be adding titles from publisher Atari in the coming weeks.

Outcast, Master of Orion, and Master of Magic are the first titles named in the new deal, which should begin showing up on the service in April.

"This is a great step forward for and DRM-free digital distribution," said Marcin Iwinski, co-founder of CD Projekt and "This deal is really just the first step in what we expect will be a long and fruitful relationship. Atari has a tremendous number of cult classics within their grasp, and we hope to sign these in a near future!" Read more »

"Because EA enjoy sitting their asses on top of IP. There were some rumours that the Harry ..."
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Test Drive Unlimited 2 Coming in Fall

The sequel to Eden Game's open-world racer Test Drive Unlimited (2006) will hit PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in Fall 2010, publisher Atari announced today.

Among the new features of Test Drive Unlimited 2 are "vehicle damage, weather effects, day and night cycles...a brand new island...all-new race types, vehicle classes," plus an "always live" blend of single-player and multiplayer. Explains Atari: "A revamped single player narrative mode can be played offline or as part of the multiplayer experience." Read more »

"I loved the first game. The handling was slightly arcady, but not at all unplayable, quite the ..."
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Missile Command Goes Free-To-Play on Web

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Atari's Missile Command is now free-to-play on OMGPOP. Since launching yesterday, players have already logged close to 10,000 hours in game and over a quarter of a million plays.

The title is multiplayer only and players control a single tower. Others plays man the other batteries and help you destroy incoming missiles, but also compete for the high score. Points can be earned to be spent on upgrades improving things like your blast radius, reload speed, and missile supply. Not exactly the classic gameplay you remember. Read more »

"I played it for quite awhile, it just repeats the same 5 or 6 levels over and over but making ..."
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Impulse Adds Atari Titles to Online Catalog

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Digital distribution outlet Impulse has just added the first set of downloadable titles published by Atari to its online catalog.

The initial Atari offering on Impulse that sports the highest profile is The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena. A sort-of sequel to Escape from Butcher Bay, Assault on Dark Athena includes an enhanced version of the original stealth-FPS by StarBreeze Studios, as well as a new adventure that takes place aboard mercenary ship Dark Athena. Assault on Dark Athena was originally released in April of 2009. Read more »

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Marc Ecko Planning 'Getting Up' Sequel, Bemoans Atari

Fashion designer Marc Ecko hopes to one day see a sequel to his action-adventure graffiti game Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure, especially considering his view that "[original publishing partner] Atari shit the bed, you know?"

Chatting with Destructoid, Ecko said the first game was "a lot of blood, sweat, and tears" and added that he is "gonna fucking make that game again if it kills me." The first step on that road, it seems, involves clearing up some legal issues with Atari. Read more »

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Atari Labels Dungeons & Dragons Lawsuit 'Frivolous'

In what is bound to be an ongoing case of "he said-she said," publisher Atari has fired back against the $30 million lawsuit from Dungeons & Dragons Online maker Turbine.

Atari labeled the lawsuit, in which Turbine accuses Atari of fraud and extortion, as "frivolous" and filed a motion to dismiss the suit, along with another complaint to "recover monies owed to Atari resulting from an independent third party audit of Turbine." Read more »

"@Core, Bioware doesn't want it anymore. Believe me, after the success of NWN1, Bioware would ..."
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Atari Sued Over Dungeons & Dragons MMO Hijinks, Developer Seeking 'Excess of $30 Million'

Dungeons & Dragons Online developer Turbine is pursuing legal action against Atari, alleging the publisher of fraud, unjust enrichment, and breach of contract.

The bulk of Turbine's suit seems to revolve around the new D&D: Neverwinter Nights MMO Atari is said to be prepping in conjunction with Champions Online developer Cryptic. Turbine initially licensed the D&D MMO rights from Atari back in 2003. Read more »

"Are you stupid or do you just suck?.....Try DDO again my Friend "
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Rumor: Cryptic Prepping Neverwinter Nights MMO

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Champions Online and Star Trek Online developer Cryptic is said to be working on an Neverwinter Nights MMO, according to the sources of Variety's Chris Morris.

The rumblings fit with owner Atari's past comments, including a vow that it would revive classic franchises, such as those under the Dungeons and Dragons banner, and word that Cryptic is prepping "a series of new games" based off Atari properties. Read more »

"They have 3 large teams doing each game, it's not like it's the same guys doing all 3. Plenty ..."
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The Witcher Console Port Officially 'Suspended'

Update: Lamenting that "we cannot talk with [co-developer Widescreen Games] in normal business way," CD Projekt has issued a response that places the blame of the delayed payment and subsequent project freeze on Widescreen Games.

Though CD Projekt has still yet to offer its promised statement on the fate of The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf, co-developer Widescreen Games today announced that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 RPG has been suspended due to "financial issues." Read more »

"lol your a fucking moron! You have actually lost out if anything, because they can't afford to ..."
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Atari Owner Buys City of Heroes Dev. Cryptic Studios

MMORPG developer Cryptic Studios has been acquired by Atari parent company Infogrames, the companies have revealed.

The announcement specified that Atari will now be able to "create unique, high quality MMO games on 18 to 24-month cycles."

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Ready 2 Rumble Bringing Cartoony Boxing to Wii

Continuing with this week's tendency to revive long-dormant franchises, Atari has announced that it will be reviving Midway's old Ready 2 Rumble series for Wii.

Due out in spring 2009, Ready 2 Rumble Revolution is said to "take advantage of the motion-controlled realism of Wii" and make "landing a punch more fun than ever." The last Ready 2 Rumble game, Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2, arrived in 2000. Read more »

"R2R was fun, but never really filled the void left after I finished Super Punch-Out!! for the ..."
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