Quake Champions Footage Shows Id's Esports Boss Destroying the Arena

There are FPS gamers, particularly the eSports experts, who make a game look so absurdly easy. It's a double whammy when one of those experts works for the developer. In this case, id Software's eSports Manager John "ZeRo4" Hill makes the Quake Champions' Blood Covenant arena his own personal playground using champion Anarki.

Hill, who was hired in February, was one of the top Quake players in the world back in the day. He is shown in this raw footage released by id destroying the competition and making a mockery of the arena itself.

Quake Champions will be at QuakeCon this year, with the game's first major eSports tournament planned for the event. Bethesda will offer more details around E3 in June, but an open qualifier will be held in the BYOC area during the event. BYOC tickets go on sale April 13.

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