Rockstar releases another Red Dead Redemption 2 teaser

Rockstar Games has once again set the Internet ablaze by following up yesterday’s Red Dead Redemption-related tease with a new one.

Rockstar Game took to its Twitter account to tease something we, once again, believe to be related to a new Red Dead Redemption. This morning’s tease shows seven silhouettes who appear to be wearing clothing reminiscent of attire worn in the Wild West.

The seven silhouettes also lead us to believe Rockstar Games will be offering their take on the Magnificent Seven, which was originally released in 1960 prior to its revival in September 2016.

Red Dead Redemption has been one of Rockstar Games’ most beloved games as it shipped over 14 million copies just last year, although it certainly sold more copies soon after it became available as an Xbox One backwards-compatible title this past Summer. We’ve heard rumors of both a remastered version of Red Dead Redemption being in the works in addition Rockstar possibly working on Red Dead Redemption 2.

Today’s tease will certainly fan the flames of fans of Rockstar’s Red Dead series, although it’s still unknown at this time what exactly the studio is teasing at this moment.

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