Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Season Pass detailed

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided officially hits shelves tomorrow, and publisher Square Enix is finally taking the wraps off its season pass for the game that will include two future DLC missions and more in-game items at launch.

The two missions will be System Rift (coming sometime this fall), and A Criminal Past (coming in early 2017). As for the in-game items that will be available starting tomorrow, they include:

  • Assault Pack: A custom skinned Battle Rifle, the Chaff Augmentation, one pack of regular Battle Rifle ammo, one pack of armor piercing Battle Rifle ammo, two Frag Grenades, and two EMP Grenades.
  • Tactical Pack: A custom skinned Tranquilizer Rifle, the Micro Assembler Augmentation, one pack of tranquilizer ammo, three Smoke Grenades, and two Gas Grenades.
  • Four Praxis Kits
  • 5000 Credits
  • 1000 Crafting Parts
  • Five Breach Booster Packs: Unlock new weapons and items, Praxis points, premium ammo, and more, helping to augment and enhance your avatar in Breach multiplayer.
  • 20 Breach Chipsets: Use your chipsets to acquire exclusive items, such as premium Booster Packs and custom weapons.

The pass is available for $29.99 for PC, Xbox One and PS4, or as part of the $89.99 Digital Deluxe Edition of the game.

As for our review, we are working on it.

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