Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing games coming to Android, iOS this Fall

Nintendo made some big announcements earlier today as we now know the Nintendo NX will release in March 2017, while also learning The Legend of Zelda will launch alongside the upcoming console. That’s not all Nintendo had up its sleeves as it’s announced it will release two new mobile games based on its Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing franchises this Fall.

Both games are being described as “pure game applications,” unlike its recent Miitomo, which is far from a game as it’s more of a mobile social network.

Nintendo promises Fire Emblem for mobile devices will be more accessible when compared to its series’ games for its dedicated gaming systems, although it’ll offer the value of a full role-playing strategy game.

Animal Crossing on mobile will be able to connect to at least one of the company’s Animal Crossing games for Nintendo’s dedicated gaming systems, although it didn’t disclose exactly how that will be possible nor what kind of cross-platform play we should expect.

With the upcoming release of both Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem games on mobile, Nintendo appears to be ready to commit additional properties to those who prefer to play games on their mobile device. While both of these properties will certainly find their audience on mobile, we can’t help but think developing a Mario mobile title would be the point of action for Nintendo.

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