BioShock level redone using Unreal Engine 4

BioShock is still a great game even after all these years, but the graphics do look a bit dated in Unreal Engine 2.5, especially now that UE4 is available. To remedy that, a U.K. environmental artist decided to model and texture almost all of the assets from the game's Medical Pavilion level in the latest Unreal Engine, with some stunning results.

Ross Littlejohn posted about his project (via Kotaku) in the Unreal forums, showing off a video and some new screens. His personal page also has some additional screen shots. He is currently majoring in computer games design at Staffordshire University.

His Facebook page also reveals some upgraded graphics work for Metro 2033. If you liked these older games, it is a nice trip down memory lane seen through the lens of the latest Unreal tech.

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