What is HOXAR Inc.? Apparently, John Romero knows

Update: Our source must be good. Romero just retweeted us.

Original Story: I just came across an interesting website that a credible anonymous source has told me is related to a new game coming from former id co-founder and co-creator of DOOM and Quake John Romero through his company Romero Games. Romero has already suggested he is working on a new shooter for PC.

Take a gander at HOXAR Inc. The site looks like your normal company website, but it has a few interesting links that hint at something deeper.

There is this section on "predictive memory technology," and the "BLACKROOM." And the press releases call the company "the cutting edge developer, fabricator, and operator of holographic solutions around the globe." Holodeck anyone?

How this exactly ties into the as-yet-unnamed game is unclear at this point, as the source wouldn't offer too many details. The domain registration, which occurred on Feb. 4 of this year, reveals nothing other than the registration is private. We'll just need to keep watching the site for updates and additions.

The faux company, "based" in Scottsdale, AZ, has the usual social media hooks already. The Facebook page is still a bit barren, but a Twitter account is a bit more fleshed out. It came online on April 13, promoting the company and its job openings. The feed went so far as to tweet that its Chief hNode Engineer Dr. Santiago Sonora would be speaking at "a virtual entertainment summit" in August. Yes, the plot thickens. Will Sonora be the bad guy?

So the groundwork has apparently been intricately laid to make this as believable as possible. Anyone else get a Black Mesa, Aperture Science or even Abstergo Industries feel to this?

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