The original voice actor for Metal Gear Solid's Snake just teased a new project

David Hayter, the original voice actor for Solid Snake, has published a teaser on his official Twitter account that may mean we could be hearing him reprise his role in the near future.

Hayter’s message is a rather vague one as he mimics a conversation Solid Snake would have with Colonel Campbell. In the message, he asks the Colonel “what’s the meaning of this?” and “why am I back in this booth?” followed by the #SnakeMystery hashtag.

He follows up this message with what appears to be a script for a Codec Call between Colonel Campbell and Snake. The very short, and one-sided, conversation can be seen below:

It was nearly three years ago when we learned Hayter would not be working on the voice of Snake in Metal Gear Solid 5. Considering Konami is no longer developing for console games outside of its Pro Evolution Soccer series, this tease has us scratching our heads as to what this new project could be.

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