Deus Ex: Mankind Divided designer talks new augments and a world living in fear of enhanced humans

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is set to continue Adam Jensen's story and venture into a far more dangerous world than the last one. That's saying an awful lot, considering what was trying to kill him in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but Eidos Montreal designer Antoine Thisdale explains it succinctly. The world of Deus Ex has essentially gone to hell in Mankind Divided, which is why Jensen will need even more powerful augments than ever before.

"It takes place roughly two years after Human Revolution," Thisdale told Shacknews. "The world has gone completely insane crazy over the Aug incidents. Spoilers: At the end of Human Revolution, there's a big Aug incident where people go crazy and, because they are augmented, they start killing people, killing themselves, and it's really bad. So two years later, everybody is scared of augmentations. This is where we enter the 'mechanical apartheid' part of the story. There's a very big segregation of who's augmented and who isn't. So legislations and votes are going to force people to have a license, a different passport, and be clearly identified as augmented, because they are dangerous. Adam Jensen is still there, of course, but he's moved on from security and joined a special task force that is pretty much working internationally to fight terrorism and all the contrabands and all the stuff going on under their radar about guns and augmentations. And he's, of course, trying to find answers, because of all the events that took place during Human Revolution, Mankind Divided is this moment where there's clearly someone in control. They want to achieve something and Jensen won't take part of it. He wants to stop it."

Some of the new augments that players can expect to see include the Titan augment, which offers heavier-coated armor. Thisdale also explains that existing augments will receive major improvements. Some will even get some new uses, such as the Typhoon augment, which will now come with a non-lethal variety. Thisdale is hopeful that it will lead to players using a variety of augments to help them move forward.

To learn more about the Mankind Divided story, the game's augments, and other new features, be sure to check out the full interview below.

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