ARK: Survival Evolved greets its free Steam weekend with feces-throwing monkeys

It isn't enough that Studio Wildcard is offering a free weekend of ARK: Survival Evolved to Steam users. The developer is looking to add a little something extra to this weekend's proceedings. But what else can a studio add to a game that has massive dinosaurs, gorillas, and armadillos?

The answer? Poop-throwing monkeys!

No, really!

The Mesopithecus is the latest creature to join ARK: Survival Evolved. This is a small monkey, capable of riding a player's shoulder. While it can be used to pick locks or fit in tight places, it can also be used to literally throw its own feces at objects. If that fails, then just have it go for an enemy's face. If feces-flinging simians aren't enough, ARK is also introducing smoke grenades in today's update, to add an entirely different way to offend your olfactory senses.

ARK: Survival Evolved is currently a part of Steam Early Access, but if you need to try it, remember that there's a free weekend going on right now.

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