Kingdom Hearts 3 will jump into 'Big Hero 6' stage

The Disney gaming panel at this year's D23 Expo kicked off with Disney Interactive president Jimmy Pitaro taking the stage to greet the capacity crowd. After a brief introduction, it was time to get to Kingdom Hearts 3. As promised, Kingdom Hearts 3 made an appearance. Square Enix was along for the ride to explain some of the game's new mechanics and reveal the latest world.

Sora and company will be visiting the world of Big Hero 6, where they will land in a stage based on Hiro and Baymax's film from last year. KH3 will actually follow the ending of the film, where the powers of darkness will take control of the Baymax that was left behind on the other side of the dangerous portal opened during the film's climax.

There was also more about the game's mechanics. Among the bits and pieces were that the game's Keyblades would all contain unique transformation elements. The team at Square also explained more about the Attraction mechanics, which they noted would not be based on quick-time events, but on real-time gameplay.

For more on the Big Hero 6 addition, check out the video below.

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