Dragon Age: Inquisition begins 'The Descent' DLC today

There's a whole new expansion releasing for Dragon Age: Inquisition today. EA and BioWare are sending players down into 'The Descent,' the latest add-on for their acclaimed RPG that will introduce a new dungeon among other new content.

The Descent takes players into the depths of the Deep Roads, a sea of passages that lie underneath Thedas. The Deep Roads are full of dangers, particularly the numerous and overwhelming Darkspawn. Players will be seeking answers to what within the Deep Roads is causing earthquakes that are rocking the surface, but they'll likely be confronted by the many Darkspawn that inhabit the darkness.

The Descent will become available for play as soon as players reach Skyhold, so there's no need to complete the game before tackling this content. It's also available right now across all platforms, so there is no timed exclusivity to worry about here.

Dragon Age: Inquisition's The Descent DLC is available now, so check out the video below to learn more. All players (DLC owners or not) will also be upgraded to Patch 9, so check out those patch notes on the BioWare website.

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