Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Ends at $6.3 million, Breaking Records

Just hours after breaking Kickstarter records, the crowd-funded campaign for Shenmue 3 has ended at $6.3 million.

The campaign, which kicked off the night of Sony's E3 press conference, came to a grand total of $6,333,296. That's enough to fund several of its stretch goals including a variety of subtitle translations, additional quests, and game systems. This was after it reached its initial $2 million goal in just nine hours.

That total also puts it well over the highest funded video game to date. The recently announced Bloodstained had set the previous record of roughly $5.5 million, and Shenmue 3 blazed past that in the waning hours of the campaign as Ys Net made its final push.

While it's an obectively huge sum of money, it's not anywhere near the gargantuan budgets required to fund such ambitious game ideas on its own. A $10 million stretch goal promised open world support, and it fell far short of that. It was also a mark of an emerging trend we're seeing in recent Kickstarter campaigns, in which the initial goal is supplemented by publisher support. Yu Suzuki clarified that none of the crowd funds would go towards its publishing partners, Sony and Shibuya Productions, but the need for clarification left a bad taste in some gamers' mouths.

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