Stuff That Sucks - Shenmue 3 and Kickstarter practices

Of all the big surprises at E3 2015, one of the biggest of which was the return of Shenmue! But as creator Yu Suzuki came out onto the PlayStation stage, he quickly announced that Shenmue 3 was not yet under development. In fact, he was there to announce a Kickstarter campaign.

It was an odd move, but a seemingly effective one, as Shenmue hits its $2 million goal overnight. Then came the stretch goals, including one promising open world support at $10 million raised and... wait... shouldn't Sony or another publisher be stepping in right about now?

The Shenmue 3 Kickstarter is leaving some bad tastes in people's mouths and for potentially good reason. This could be the start of an unhealthy precedent, one that Greg Burke goes into with this week's Stuff That Sucks.

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