PlayStation 4 with 1TB hard drive leaked by FCC

Two new PlayStation 4 models have been certified by the FCC, indicating Sony plans to release new SKUs for the console in the near future.

According to the FCC certificate, model CUH-1215A will include a 500GB hard drive, while CUH-1215B will feature a 1TB hard drive. Both of these new SKUs look similar to current PS4 models, which gives us an indication there won’t be much of a change to the console’s aesthetics.

There are slight differences, though. The new models will generate 230 watts of power with an amperage of 2.3-9.95 A, as opposed to the console’s original 250 watts with A. The new PS4s will also be lighter as they’ll weigh 2.5kg instead of 2.8kg.

If the only real difference between these new PS4 consoles and the current ones is a bigger hard drive, then we don’t think it’s really worth an extra investment if you already own Sony’s console. A number of us have swapped out our hard drives for a larger one and the process couldn’t be easier. Sure - buying a PS4 with a 1TB hard drive already installed is convenient, but you can save a lot more money if you learn how to do it yourself.

[Via DualShockers]

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