Sony confirms PS4 firmware 2.50 will include suspend/resume, button mapping, and more

It appears this week’s rumors of PlayStation 4’s firmware 2.50 turned out to be true as Sony has confirmed many of the previously suggested features.

The PlayStation 4’s firmware 2.50 finally delivers on Sony’s promise that was made when the console was first introduced in February 2013: Suspend Mode. Suspend/Resume will be supported by “nearly” all PS4 titles and will allow users to get right back into their game, straight from where they left off.

Firmware 2.50 will also allow Sub-accounts to become Master accounts straight from the console, search for your Facebook friends on PSN, share video clips on Dailymotion, and access 60fps gameplay when using either Remote Play or Share Play. Improvements to trophies are also being implemented, such as screenshots taken when a Trophy is earned as well as the ability to remote games from your Trophy list that have 0% completion. Button remapping has also been confirmed, which should help for those of you who prefer to have your L1/L2 and R1/R2 switched around.

Today’s confirmation comes without a release date, although Sony says it will be “soon.”

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