Final Fantasy: Record Keeper opening its books in North America this spring

With Final Fantasy set to jump into the future with the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix is looking to mobile platforms to revisit the series' vaunted history. Today, the publisher, along with mobile developer DeNA, announced a game that would take players back to the past with Final Fantasy: Record Keeper.

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper follows the story of Deci, who's working under the history department's learned Moogle known as Dr. Mog. Dr. Mog takes Deci on a trip through the Final Fantasy archives, allowing players to re-live some of the series' greatest battles with old-school 16-bit graphics. Players can unlock various heroes from across the full Final Fantasy timeline, customizing them with different equipment, spells, summons, and more.

Record Keeper has actually been out in Japan for quite a while and is a major hit along those shores, with Siliconera reporting over a million downloads back in October and Square noting that the number has since grown to over five million. Final Fantasy: Record Keeper will be free-to-play when it launches on iOS and Android this coming spring. While players can unlock Tidus from Final Fantasy X by registering on the Record Keeper website, further details on a microtransaction model were not given. To get a glimpse at what American audiences are in for, check out the video below.

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